All processing prices are based on incoming weight of clean meat. We do not split orders.   Custom Processing Cut and Wrapped - Include: steaks, roasts, stew meat, ribs, and hamburger (suet extra) and bacon burger (bacon extra)
Custom Processing (incoming weight)
Cut and Wrapped (Steaks, roasts, stew meat, and ribs)
Moose & Buffalo  $0.65/lb
Caribou, Deer, Sheep, Bear, Beef, and Pig „„„ $0.75/lb
Grind Only„„„  $0.85/lb
Grind and Wrap„„„  $1.25/lb
Beef Suet„„„  $1.25/lb
Pork Trim„„„  $1.35/lb
Sausage (20lb minimum)
Breakfast Sausage (50% gain, 1lb packages)
Mild „„„ $1.85/lb
Hot „„„ $1.95/lb
Italian Sausage (50% gain, 1lb packages) „„„ $2.20/lb
Chorizo (50% gain, 1lb packages)„„„ $2.45/lb
Partial Processing
Bacon Burger„ „„ $2.98/lb
Burger „„„ $1.25/lb
Cube Steaks „„„ $1.65/lb
Wrapping Only„„„ $0.85/lb
Fish Processing (must be filleted)
Vacuum Packing„„„ $1.55/lb
Fish Cutting„„„ $1.20/lb
Boxing for Shipping „„„ $40/box (50lb max)
Freezing Only (2 days max)„„„ $1.20/lb
Freeze Only
100lbs and under „„„$0.85/lb
Over 100lbs„„„ $0.99/lb
Freeze/Storage (over 2 days)
Per Box (<100lbs) „„„$20.00/day
Per Box (>100lbs) „„„ $25.00/day
Pickup Charge „„„$35.00
Cleaning Charge „„„ $0.10 to $0.30/lb
Prices may change without notice


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